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residential photovoltaic energy storage system

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Menred Group was founded in 1995 and is an industrial cluster that manufactures a full range of products including heat pump air conditioning, radiant heating and cooling, energy recovery ventilation ,water purification,smart home,and energy storage systems.

MENRED Group is a partner of the”Future Building”National Key Laboratory and its manufacturing facilities are certified by Electrolux, a Fortune Global 500 company based in Sweden.

Five key advantages of photovoltaic energy storage solution

Technical reliability

All the hardware and software are well integrated to ensure the stability and effective cooperation of the whole system.

Energy efficiency and performance

Have a high degree of coordination to improve the optimal operation of the whole power system in the use of household appliances

Configuration flexibility

Both inverter system and energy storage system can be matched freely according to the needs of users.

Highly competitive cost

Full range of products are self-developed and intelligently built, providing good performance and reliability at a reasonable price.

Safety first

Combined with EMS system, the dual response of software and hardware makes the system more secure.

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Full range of products are connected to the Internet, “providing a real integrated platform for energy management”